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Principles of Truth Entertainment


How we roll.


Truth – Honesty is power. Transparency is the cornerstone of building a credible and compelling online presence. It is the fastest way to build trust and credibility and is the best way to build long term relationships. That’s just how we roll.

People – The fundamental value of the Internet is its ability to bring people with a common interest or need together. It is meant to allow them to open doors, exchange ideas, gather information, share emotions and ultimately to form connections with other people.  Before we begin any Web design project, we think about the people that site will reach and how they will use it. Once we get that right, the rest comes easily.


The Wow Factor – You don’t have to know why you love your new site, but it is important that you do. More importantly, it is critical that your audience loves it. Sometimes it is something unique and revolutionary that creates the wow factor (and we can do that). More often than not, it is the little things – like brevity and simplicity, use of great imagery or a reduction in clutter. Having great content that is easy to access is another.

Flexibility – Internet technology waits for no one. Websites have a tendency to become dated quickly. That’s why our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our customers. We design all of our sites to be flexible enough so they are easy to tweak, modify and maintain regularly. And when it is finally time to put an old site out to pasture, we’ll be here for you and your new site.

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